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Animals are disappearing, vanishing, and demise out—not simply within the actual experience of turning into extinct, yet within the feel of being erased from our attention. more and more, interactions with animals ensue at a eliminate: mediated by way of nature courses, books, and cartoons; framed via the enclosures of zoos and aquariums; distanced by way of the museum instances that exhibit useless our bodies. during this thought-provoking publication, Arran Stibbe takes us on a trip of discovery, revealing the various ways that language impacts our relations with animals and the flora and fauna. Animal-product manuals, university textbooks, ecological stories, media assurance of environmental matters, and animal-rights polemics all more often than not painting animals as inanimate gadgets or passive sufferers. In his look for a substitute for those unfavorable types of discourse, Stibbe turns to the conventional tradition of Japan. inside of Zen philosophy, haiku poetry, or even modern children’s lively motion pictures, animals look as lively brokers, major their very own lives for his or her personal reasons, and of price in themselves.

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And pork, not pig” (Singer 1990/1975: 95). We also wear leather made from hide, not skin, and eat a carcass, not a corpse. ” Killing, too, is lexicalized differently for humans and animals: animals are slaughtered, humans are murdered. Interchanging these two: “You murdered my pet hamster” is comical, “The refugees were slaughtered” means they were killed brutally, uncaringly, and immorally. Animals are not only represented in language as different, but also as inferior, the two conditions necessary for oppression.

The discourse of the pork industry could equally be argued to provide a barrier between humans and pigs, although in this case the discourse is very different since it has to justify not just killing pigs, but also keeping them confined indoors in high-intensity facilities during their lifetime. P o r k I n d u s t r y Dis c o u r s e The discourse of the pork industry can be characterized as scientific and technical. There are therefore no explicit insults: pigs are never officially described as ignorant, selfish, greedy, nasty, or filthy.

The first section of this chapter presents an analysis of how pigs are referred to in general discourse in the uk, followed by a detailed analysis of the discourse of the pork industry in the second section. The final section discusses attempts that have been made to challenge and transcend both general and industry discourse. 35 36 animals er ased G e n e r al Dis c o u r s e Examining the uses of the word pig in a corpus of contemporary English such as the British National Corpus (bnc) reveals just how widespread and negative the constructions of pigs are.

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