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In jungles and rain forests, there are more animal calls at dawn and dusk. Both daytime (diurnal) and nighttime (nocturnal) creatures are helped by the natural conditions that maximize the distance in their calls. Anger mAnAgement And AlArm cAlls An animal will often use a visual threat to ward off a predator or avoid a fight with another individual. For many animals, a threat signal wouldn’t be complete without an appropriate sound to go along with it. The hiss of a cat, the growl of a dog, and the roar of communication using sound 53 a lion let opponents know that they are angry and mean business.

In 196, payne turned his attention from the skies to the seas. he began to study underwater life. it was at that time that he and mcvay made their amazing discoveries. during the last 40 years, payne has led more than 100 expeditions to study whales in their natural habitat. in 191, payne founded an organization called the ocean Alliance. he continues to serve as its president. this nonprofit group is dedicated to the protection of whales and their environment. the alliance sponsors studies that investigate the many ways that humans affect the animals that live in the sea.

When the eagle call was given, they would head for the high grass. To show that the calls had real meaning, the scientists played tape recordings of the alarm calls where vervets could hear them. Sure enough, the monkeys reacted the same way, just as if a group member had given them the signals. turf wArs Many animals also use sounds to gain and defend their territories. The North American woodchuck uses a series of 54 AnimAl communicAtion high-frequency whistles when another woodchuck has entered its territory.

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