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Alternatives to Athens

This quantity comprises eighteen essays via verified and more youthful historians that research non-democratic substitute political structures and ideologies--oligarchies, monarchies, combined constitutions--along with varied kinds of communal and local institutions equivalent to ethnoi, amphiktyonies, and confederacies.

Famine and Food Supply in the Graeco-Roman World: Responses to Risk and Crisis

The 1st full-length learn of famine in antiquity. The examine presents distinctive case reports of Athens and Rome, the easiest recognized states of antiquity, but additionally illuminates the institutional reaction to nutrients predicament within the mass of normal towns within the Mediterranean international. historic historians have as a rule proven no real interest in investigating the fabric base of the original civilisations of the Graeco-Roman international, and feature left unexplored the position of the nutrition provide in framing the principal associations and practices of old society.

Homers Ilias Bd. 1 Fasz. 2 (Homers Ilias Sammlung Wissenschaftlicher Commentare Swc) (German Edition)

The Basle whole statement on Homer's Iliad is established across the world, either in examine and instructing. the second one, revised variation of the observation on booklet 1 (vol. 1, 2002) having been out of print for a few months, a 3rd revised version is now to be had.

Panhellenism And the Barbarian in Archaic and Classical Greece

This is often the 1st booklet in English to supply a scientific remedy of Panhellenism. the writer argues that during archaic and classical Greece Panhellenism was once a physique of narratives that expressed, outlined and restricted the group of the Hellenes and gave it political substance. but Panhellenic narratives additionally spoke back to different wishes of the neighborhood, specifically helping find the Hellenes in time and house.

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Hellenistic and Roman Sparta: A Tale of Two Cities. 2d ed. London: Routledge, 2002. 1 Achaean League Larsen, J. A. O. Greek Federal States: Their Institutions and History. Oxford, England: Clarendon Press, 1968. Walbank, F. W. The Hellenistic World. Rev. ed. : Harvard University Press, 1993. James P. Sickinger See also: Achaean War; Hellenistic Greece; Polybius. 2 Achaean War The Achaean War resulted in the defeat of the Achaean League, the last important and independent military force in Hellenistic Greece.

Rosenmeyer, Thomas G. The Art of Aeschylus. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1982. Smethurst, Mae J. The Artistry of Aeschylus and Zeami: A Comparative Study of Greek Tragedy and No. : Princeton University Press, 1989. Spatz, Lois. Aeschylus. Boston: Twayne, 1982. Vellacott, Philip. : Duke University Press, 1984. Jonathan L. Thorndike See also: Aristophanes; Euripides; Literature; Performing Arts; Sophocles; Sports and Entertainment. 17 Aesop Fabulist Born: c. ; possibly Thrace, Greece Died: c.

33 Alcaeus of Lesbos Poet Born: c. ; Mytilene, Lesbos Died: c. ; place unknown Also known as: Alkaios Category: Poetry; literature Life Alcaeus of Lesbos (al-SEE-uhs of LEHZ-bahs) was born into an aristocratic family of Mytilene, the most important city-state on the Aegean island of Lesbos. His contemporary, the poet Sappho, belonged to the same social class in Mytilene. Alcaeus and his brothers were energetically involved in the bitter rivalries that characterized the political affairs of Mytilene during his lifetime, and his poetry is replete with political references and partisan invective.

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