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By Joseph Roisman

With clean, new translations and wide introductions and annotations, this sourcebook offers an inclusive and built-in view of Greek historical past, from Homer to Alexander the Great.

  • New translations of unique assets are contextualized by way of insightful introductions and annotations
  • Includes various literary, inventive and fabric proof from the Homeric, Archaic and Classical Ages
  • Focuses on vital advancements in addition to particular issues to create an built-in viewpoint at the period
  • Links the political and social historical past of the Greeks to their highbrow accomplishments
  • Includes an up to date bibliography of seminal scholarship
  • An accompanying site deals extra proof and reasons, in addition to hyperlinks to worthy on-line resources

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The present collection, then, uses dramatic passages to illustrate political, social, and intellectual issues that interested ancient spectators. It includes the tragic playwrights Aeschylus (425–456), who fought the Persian invaders in Greece, the highly successful and respected Sophocles (496–406), who held important Athenian offices, and Euripides (490–406), whose plays both responded to and shaped the culture of Athens. 460–386) wrote plays that were firmly embedded in the reality and changing atmosphere of Athens.

The evidence is often incomplete, marred by problems of transmission, and even our understanding of it may be tainted by our own experiences and perspectives. This is true for the two main categories of evidence that historians use to reconstruct Greek history: physical – including archaeological – evidence, and ancient literary accounts. In this chapter we illustrate the chief features of both types and suggest ways of using them. We shall discuss the nature of material evidence as illustrated by an archaeological survey of the Argolid and an excavation of a monumental structure on the island of Euboea.

2 Callisthenes further says that the Erythraean Athenais also made an announcement about Alexander’s high birth, and notes that this woman was similar to the ancient Sibyl of Erythrae… Notes 1. The Branchidae were priests of Apollo at Didyma, Asia Minor. The Persian king Xerxes invaded Greece in 480–479. 2. Alexander defeated Darius III at Arbela, or Gaugamela, in 331, when a Spartan insurrection against Macedonia had also failed. 6: “Alexander Visits the Oracle of Ammon at Siwa”). Strabo’s silence about these revelations makes it likely that Callisthenes did not report them.

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