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By Solon L. Barraclough, Krishna B. Ghimire

There's no uncomplicated causal dating among overseas exchange, agricultural growth and tropical deforestation. lecturers, policy-makers and the general public are all tempted by means of simplistic ideas to advanced difficulties. in an effort to identify the real causal components all for this severe quarter of environmental decline, the authors of this examine current case reports ranging over 3 continents. using facts, it's proven that the point of interest of study of deforestation has to be utilized as a lot to the inaccurate guidelines of nationwide and local specialists as to the forces of alternate and globalization. extra, it demonstrates that we needs to undertake a serious standpoint at the historic context of human use of wooded area components, taking a look at matters resembling platforms of land tenure. the first goal of the booklet is to focus on the necessity to search strategies in far-reaching institutional and coverage reforms tailored to express socio-economic and ecological contexts, if the matter of tropical deforestation is to be tackled successfully.

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Each group shows different trends in respect to changes in areasof agricultural land, forest land and other land. At national levels the data indicate diverse trends in different groups of countries: In 14 countries agricultural area increased while the area of forests and woodlands and area of other land uses both decreased. In 33 countries agricultural area increased, the area of forests decreased and the area in other uses increased. Agricultural and forested areas both increased while other land decreased in 19 countries.

5 6. 9 40. 7 - 10,020 -29. 7 239. I 3. 3 -3. 8 -7 1937 8 396 -4641 -3 I3 I -3553 -59. 3 0. 9 52. 7 I729 30 I 47 7. 4 3996 12. 4. Agricultural land includes arable land and permanent crops plus permanent pasture. * Means that in these countriesthe total area had changedbetween 1973 and 1992: BurkinaFax, decreased by 20,000 hectares, Zaire decreasedby 24,000 hectares, Zimbabwe increasedby 18,000 hectares and Myanmar increased by3000 hectares. Source: FAO hoduaon Yearbooks, 1958-1 961, l 969-70,1989-90 and 1993.

The military government embarked on a programme of land privatization that reached its height in the 1970s. In 1970, farm units of less than 100 hectares each were reported to have accounted for 81 per cent of the region’s cultivated area (excluding pastures), while they constituted 74 per cent of the number of all farms. ’lkenty years later in1990, units of less than 100 hectares constituted 88 per cent of all farms but included only 17 per cent of the cultivated area. Peasant farming systems had been largely replaced by industrial large-scale monocropping and by extensive cattle ranches.

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