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By Lans Bovenberg, Asghar Zaidi, A. Van Soest, Arthur H O Van Soest

Offering an overview of the long run examine demanding situations for economists and social scientists referring to inhabitants growing old, pensions, well-being and social care in Europe, this booklet examines how clinical study supplies state of the art facts on source of revenue security and health and wellbeing of the aged, and labour markets and older staff.

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Can educational initiatives be developed that will substantially improve the capability of citizens to take complex financial decisions, and how can we design an institutional set-up that balances freedom of choice with characteristics that offer help to those consumers who need it most? In addition, if these programmes prove less than sufficiently effective, what are the societal trade-offs – in terms of welfare consequences of restricting those who are quite capable of taking care of adequate retirement savings decisions themselves versus minimising the risk for households who are not able to do so of ending up in an unfortunate situation (which may bring about additional costs or undesirable side-effects for society as a whole)?

Why? Adequacy of Savings for Old Age in Europe iv. v. 4 29 What is the role of household composition in regard to saving? 1, the analysis of consumption patterns often takes into account family composition and its changes. More attention, however, should be given to the relationship between demographics and the path of wealth accumulation, not only by including an altruistic or strategic bequest motive in the theoretical framework, but by truly integrating saving- and fertility decisions. What is the link between micro- and macro dimensions?

Similarly, older individuals may have little ‘discretionary’ saving because the amount of mandatory saving is already providing for their retirement needs. It is then almost natural to take the LCM model as a benchmark for assessing savings adequacy. However, the empirical evidence, implicitly or explicitly based on the LCM, is mixed (and largely concentrated on data from the United States). Some studies use reduced forms to project households’ lifetime asset- and income paths, and derive from them implications for savings adequacy.

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