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By Rolf H. Jr. Bremmer, Stephan Laker, Oebele Vries

Like its predecessors, points of outdated Frisian Philology (1990) and techniques to previous Frisian Philology (1998), Advances in outdated Frisian Philology combines contributions by means of experts of medieval Frisian reviews with papers through foreign experts from adjoining fields who've been invited for the social gathering to convey their services to the self-discipline of previous Frisian. jointly, the various ways significantly improve our wisdom of and perception into quite a few points of outdated Frisian philology.

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Additionally, it may have been perfectly acceptable in certain Old Frisian genres freely to borrow from neighbouring languages with which most literate Frisians 70 For an introductory survey of the language of the charters, see O. Vries, ‘Die altfriesischen Urkunden’, Handbuch / Handbook, 594–601, at 597–600. Language Admixture in the Basle Wedding Speeches? 23 would have been familiar, perhaps in order to add to the stock of rhymes or because of the literary flavour of these languages. Therefore, whether the extant texts can tell us anything about the contemporary spoken language situation remains problematic.

3sg. 3sg. 3sg. 3sg. 3sg. 3sg. 3sg. 3sg. 3sg. ghemaket (1) pp. 3sg. maket (2), makat (1) pp. ghescreuen (1) pp. screuen (1) pp. ghesproghen (1) pp. gheheylighet (2) pp. gheuen (1) inf. spritzen (1) pp. heylighat (1) pp. 3sg. lete (1) inf. laten (1) inf. ghemaket (1) pp. maghet (1), maket (2) pp. 1 screuen (2) pp. merken (1) inf. merka (1) inf. nyet (1) av. na(e)t (7) av. 2 mer (4) conj. wo (1) av. ho(e) (2) av. hoe (1) conj. Language Admixture in the Basle Wedding Speeches? I II bouen (1) prep. gheen (1) pron.

As in the three Basle Wedding Speeches, the admixture occurs in all the major word categories. 67 As in the speeches, the spelling in the Riim is problematic. First, we have to take into account that the extant text of the Riim is a seventeenthcentury transcript made by Gabbema. It is not known how much he altered the spelling and the forms in the text. Additionally, as in the speeches the deviant forms are often practically homonymous with the current Old Frisian forms, for example slaep/sleep, waarheid/weerheid, gerne/ierne, and again we should wonder whether we are not dealing with spelling choices rather than with language choice.

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