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By Tarek Ahmed PhD PE, Nathan Meehan

Content material:

, Pages i,iii

, Page iv

, Page ix
Chapter 1 - good trying out Analysis

, Pages 1-226
Chapter 2 - Water Influx

, Pages 227-279
Chapter three - Unconventional fuel Reservoirs

, Pages 281-432
Chapter four - functionality of Oil Reservoirs

, Pages 433-483
Chapter five - Predicting Oil Reservoir Performance

, Pages 485-539
Chapter 6 - creation to more advantageous Oil Recovery

, Pages 541-585
Chapter 7 - monetary Analysis

, Pages 587-649
Chapter eight - monetary Analysis

, Pages 651-660
Chapter nine - Professionalism and Ethics

, Pages 661-682

, Pages 683-688

, Pages 689-702

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29). 19. Step 5. 21. 10 shows that most of the pressure loss occurs close to the wellbore; accordingly, near-wellbore conditions will exert the greatest influence on flow behavior. 21 shows that the pressure profile and the drainage radius are continuously changing with time. It is also important to notice that the production rate of the well has no effect on the velocity or the distance of the pressure disturbance, since the Ei function is independent of the flow rate.   ! , r 5 rw. Eq. 81) can be applied at r 5 rw to yield: pwf 5 pi 2   !

131) where Q 5 flow rate, STB/day B 5 formation volume factor, bbl/STB k 5 permeability, md The volumetric average pressure in the well drainage area p is commonly used to calculate the liquid flow rate under the semisteady-state p into flowing condition. Introducing Eq. 132) Note that:     re 0:471re 2 0:75 5 ln ln rw rw The above observation suggests that the volumetric average pressure p occur at about 47% of the drainage radius during the semisteadystate condition. That is: Q5 0:00708khðp 2 pwf Þ μB½lnð0:471re =rw ފ It should be pointed out that the pseudosteady-state flow occurs regardless of the geometry of the reservoir.

1% Solution with Less Error for than 1% Error for tDA . tDA . 09 Cannot use (Continued ) CHAPTER 1 50 TA B L E 1. 7   1 2:2458 2 ln CA Exact for Less than Use Infinite System tDA . 1% Solution with Less Error for than 1% Error for tDA . tDA . , 1977. Advances in Well Test Analysis, Monograph, vol. 5. Society of Petroleum Engineers of AIME, Dallas, TX; Permission to publish by the SPE, Copyright SPE, 1977. Introducing CA into Eq. 132) and solving for pwf gives the following two solutions: (1) In terms of the volumetric average pressure p: pwf 5 p 2   162:6QBμ 2:2458A log kh CA rw2 Eq.

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