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The float and sink fractions are analyzed for tin grade. 3 shows a possible result, where little improvement in separation would be obtained by grinding beyond the y5–y6 fraction. 2 with reference to arsenic, mercury, phosphorus, calcite, and topaz in metallic ores. Among industrial min- The normal opaque mineralogy is magnetite– pyrrhotite–pentlandite–chalcopyrite. The magnetite and pyrrhotite are separated magnetically and normally become waste. Nickel present in flame-like exsolution bodies (Fig.

If the latter is the case, their relative proportions may also be of great importance. Some examples of this are: 1 Gold ores – is all the gold present as native gold (free-milling gold) or is some in the form of tellurides or enclosed by sulfides (refractory gold)? Native gold is readily leached from milled ores by cyanide solutions, but refractory gold resists leaching and has to be roasted (after concentration) before cyaniding or leached under pressure, thereby increasing the cost of the treatment and of course decreasing the value of the ore.

It must be noted that the market price for a metal does not apply fully or directly to concentrates. The purchase terms quoted by a custom smelter are usually based on a nominal concentrate grade and lower concentrate grades are penalized accord- (c) (d) (e) (f) FIG. 2 (a)–(d) Grains from a mineral dressing plant. 6). (b) A pyrite grain veined by chalcopyrite (black) (×177). (c) A sphalerite grain containing small rounded inclusions of chalcopyrite (black) (×133). (d) Pyrite grain coated with supergene chalcocite (black) (×233).

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