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Adaptive optics is a robust new approach used to sharpen telescope photos blurred via the Earth's surroundings. This authoritative e-book is the 1st devoted to using adaptive optics in astronomy. in most cases built for defence functions, the means of adaptive optics has just recently been brought in astronomy. Already it has allowed ground-based telescopes to supply photographs with sharpness rivalling these from the Hubble area Telescope. The strategy is predicted to revolutionise the way forward for ground-based optical astronomy. Written through a global workforce of specialists who've pioneered the improvement of the sphere, this well timed quantity offers either a rigorous advent to the procedure and a complete evaluation of present and destiny structures. it really is set to develop into the normal reference for graduate scholars, researchers and optical engineers in astronomy and different parts of technological know-how the place adaptive optics is discovering interesting new purposes.

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And Wandzura, S. M. (1979) Spatial correlation of phase-expansion coef®cients for propagation through atmospheric turbulence. J. Opt. Soc. Am. 69, 712±7. 1 Introduction Image quality can be degraded by both phase and amplitude distortions of the optical wavefront across a telescope aperture. However, as shown in Chapter 2, the effect of phase ¯uctuations is predominant. AO systems are designed to provide a real time compensation of these ¯uctuations by means of phase correctors. Such devices introduce an optical phase shift j by producing an optical path difference ä.

Soc. Am. A 12, 1559±70. Fried, D. L. (1966) Optical resolution through a randomly inhomogeneous medium for very long and very short exposures. J. Opt. Soc. Am 56, 1372±9. Fried, D. L. (1977) Least-square ®tting a wave-front distortion estimate to an array of phase difference measurements. J. Opt. Soc. Am. 67, 370±5. Graves, J. , MacKenna, D. and Northcott, M. (1992a) Latest results from the University of Hawaii Prototype Adaptive Optics System. In: Proc. Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics Workshop, ed.

1. 2 Modal wave-front representation 29 which can be rewritten as a double integral …… ha j a k i ˆ W (r) Z j (r)W (r9) Z k (r9)hj(r)j(r9)i dr dr9 (3X8) or, with r9 ˆ r ‡ r, … … ha j a k i ˆ hj(r)j(r ‡ r)i W (r) Z j (r)W (r ‡ r) Z k (r ‡ r) dr dr rX (3X9) This integral is best calculated by using Parseval's theorem. Assuming stationarity, the covariance hj(r)j(r ‡ r)i is a function of r only. Its Fourier transform is the power spectrum Ö(kk) of the random wave-front phase j(r). The second integral is a convolution.

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