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He bestows his love so that he may get it back in abundance. It is Saturn at work in one of his disguises. When he does not get what he . wants in proper measure he feels angry and ill tempered in his external behaviour and feels some measure of inadequacies in his ownself. He develops a natural fear complex. He starts withdrawal form the world. He becomes a great critic. Sometimes he gets his acknowledgement in the form of a critic but often he does not ~et. Frustration sets in. Saturn takes generally to service under other persons because whatever he does is done in the name of somebody else for which he is not likely to suffer.

It may however be added in the passing that we may not go too much by the actions and activities of the individual if Saturn happens to occupy the house. He is master at the art of guises. He is highly elusive with effective masks. Keeping himself busy in social service he mayor may not mean the ~ larger perspective. He may be engaged in service, who knows, simply to draw his admirers who may praise him and help his ego. Alternatively the person may be busy in service simply because he is afraid of solitude where he may have to face himself.

We, to elucidate the statement, are unable to express our love to our beloved freely due to some social customs or regulations but we wish that he/she should express that love to us. If he/she does it we hate it because our world did not allow it. Anything different from our own experience is alien to us. We hate it. Thus we want to have a thing and also hate it at the same time. This is not possible. Seventh house is traditionally meant for marriage. Saturn does not at all stand for love and emotions or sentiments, He stands for reason and bare reason and at the same time he is guided by empiric experience.

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