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By Arnold Joseph Toynbee, Royal Institute of International Affairs

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Gautama the Buddha (London 1938, Milford), pp. 36-7, quoting the AAguttara. t . * r . ' Nikdya, sutra 3). . THE PROCESS OF DISINTEGRATION 20 a human gnat or a divine bluebottle ? And what matter whether the small deer scampering through the aisles of the towering temple were mannikin mice or #odlin# rats ? Yet in their practical treatment of this wretched rabble of the selfenslaved bondsmen of Desire this motley crowd in which men and gods were tumbling over each other pell-mell under the sage's coldly contemptuous eye the Buddhist philosophers did still take the trouble to differentiate between the two species in one way that on the wheel was could it was wholly to the disadvantage of Man's superhuman companion mouse-like human being was eligible, ex to the only career that was worth admission for officio humamtatiSy and illusion; and from this strait a of world in suffering following way of release the rat-like god was excluded a priori, ex officio divmitatis.

Tel est le principe des divcrses techniques qui rt'glcmcntent les attitudes humaines. (? humains et par 1'effet d'une sorte dc discipline civilisatritc qw* se realise la place d'une Science ayant pour objct la eonnaisI'Ordre universel. ' The Sinic la vie qu'ils way of conceiving Time and Space has furnished Sinic intelligences with 'les cadres d'une sorte d'art total: appuye sur un savoir qui nous somble tout scolastique, cet art tend realise^ par le simple emploi d'cmblernes un amdnagement du Monde qui s 'inspire de I'am<:nageinent de Pr&isons en disant quc les sectcs ou ecolos HO wwt toutes Soci&.

D. 600-900, which is known among the archaeologies ft* liatmanaco II, This was a period in which, as in the time of the Incaic Empire, there wan an active cultural intercourse between the Plateau and the Const, a In this matter of names the Inca Viraeocha's adoption of the name of the nky-gwl of Tiahuanaco is analogous to the gesture which the Pharaoh Amenhotep IV made when he took to calling himself Ikhnaton ('Aton i satisfied') in preference to hi proper name Amenhotep ('Amon is at rest') with, however, the i#mfiram ditterem;c that the Inca missionary of a new religion did not go out of hi* way to insult the religion of hn father*.

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