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By Henry Rosemont Jr.

During this little publication, Confucian student and thinker Henry Rosemont, Jr. has summarized 40 years of expertise learning, translating, and educating the Analects. For crucial cross-referencing of textual passages in differing translations, Rosemont offers tables of version spellings of chinese language phrases, a discovering record for college kids named within the textual content, a concordance of key philosophical and spiritual phrases, and an annotated bibliography to lead the reader's extra experiences and reflections at the textual content.

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Even though most translators have rendered these occurrences of zhi as “knowledge,” surely not even a thoroughgoing rationalist would claim that we are born with facts and theories in our heads, even in rudimentary form. From these and related usages of zhi in the Analects, especially in its more philosophically and spiritually important occurrences, it is perhaps best defined as a sense of what it is most fitting to do in our interactions with our fellow human beings, understanding why, performing those actions, and achieving a sense of well-being from so doing.

First, the ceremony is highly ritualized (more on this in the following chapter). Second, it is celebratory. The clan has gathered for a communal ancestral sacrifice, in this case marking the anniversary of the patriarchal ancestor’s death. 1057/9781137303394 46 Reader’s Companion to the Confucian Analects feelings are aesthetic and social no less than familial and religious. These ancestral observances are at the heart of Confucian perspectives on the li (ritual) and consequently are central to early Confucian spirituality.

Depending on the person we’re addressing, and when, we also make inconsistent generalizations at times which cannot simultaneously be true, but may well be appropriate to say to particular persons in specific circumstances. “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” and “You’re never too old to learn” are one such pairing, and “Act in haste, repent at leisure,” and “He who hesitates is lost” is another. ” These statements are of course incredible. It is very difficult for any of us to accept them as literal fact, for they violate very basic principles of logic and ordinary physics, and they contradict a lifetime of the testimony of our senses about the physical world.

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