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By William Shakespeare

"I think that i've got spent part my profession with one or one other Pelican Shakespeare in my again pocket. comfort, besides the fact that, is the least very important element of the hot Pelican Shakespeare sequence. this is a sublime and transparent textual content for both the learn or the practice session room, notes the place you would like them and the prestigious scholarship of the overall editors, Stephen Orgel and A. R. Braunmuller who take into account that those are performs for functionality in addition to nice texts for contemplation." (Patrick Stewart)

The individual Pelican Shakespeare sequence, which has bought greater than 4 million copies, is now thoroughly revised and repackaged.

Each quantity features:
* Authoritative, trustworthy texts
* top of the range introductions and notes
* New, extra readable exchange trim size
* An essay at the theatrical international of Shakespeare and essays on Shakespeare's existence and the choice of texts

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