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Rpt. ] 1966. " Wèn 218-269. Beijing: Zhōnghuá. VOWEL HARMONY LOSS IN URALIC AND ALTAIC ROBERT I. BINNICK Scarborough College, The University of Toronto The Problem of Vowel Harmony Loss. * In palatal vowel harmony vowels are clas­ sified into separate sets. Within a given word members of different sets may not co-occur (see Vago 1980b: xi). The harmonic sets consist of front vow­ els (vowels articulated in the palatal region) such as /i, e, ö, ü/ and back vowels (those in the velar region) such as / i , a, o, u/.

Such forms generally conform to vowel harmony constraints in suffixation. , Tserendulmaa (Street 1963: 68). In many languages there are invariable suffixes, such as the Turkish present-tense marker -yor (Lewis 1975: 17, 107), the Hungarian suffix -kor 5 Lewis (1975: 19-20) points out numerous exception to this in Turk­ ish, in which foreign borrowings, even some of which obey palatal harmony within the root or stem, take exceptional suffixation. Such examples are generally predictable. , rol 'role': accusative rolü\ not *rolu).

Du. endzege, Ba. ndzige (333); Mgr. jaga 'cup' : Cl. Mo. , Ba. jiga (336); Mgr. nde 'here' : Cl. Mo. ende (349); Mgr. nt(er)a- 'sleep' : Cl. Mo. unt(ar)a- (352); Mgr. re- 'come' : Cl. Mo. i-, Ba. 12 12 Such languages still retain evidence of earlier stages in which they had initial stress: Mgr. dabse 'salt'; Cl. Mo. dabusun, Moghol dabsun, Du. dansun, Ba. , Ba. doglorj 'limping': 46 ROBERT I. BINNICK In some Mongolian languages with inital stress similar effects can be seen when a long vowel causes stress to shift to a non-initial syllable.

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