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Some commands such as ‘sit’ are learned much faster than commands like ‘down’. T Tiim mee tto o cco om mee iin n Bring your dog in via the potty place because he would need to go after the excitement of the training session. You can alternatively give him a drink and then take him to the potty place also. What you can do is time the potty trips on an hourly basis. Once he is done, walk him back the same way, take off his leash and lead him into the crate. He will begin to associate the crate as a place of rest after fun activity and that’s a good thing.

A puppy would be much less wary of a cat and more inclined to accepting the cat as a friend rather than an older dog. However, do not feed your pets together on the first day. The older dog might nudge the new fella out and that could become a pattern they follow at every meal. Let your new dog eat separately and make sure you are there with him at all times. Do not leave your new pet with the other one thinking that some time alone would help them bond. T Tiim mee ffo orr a a ssn na acck k!! After he plays, it’s time for a bite to eat.

In fact, since you know that he’s done his job, you can take the leash off and see if he knows the way. Walk in from the potty spot so that he can follow you but see is he wanders away or if he 63 knows where he is going. This would help you to gauge how much your pup has learned. If he seems to be lost, call out to him and lead him to his crate. If it’s curiosity that is leading him elsewhere, pick him up say no and put him back on the route to the crate. Once you reach the dog’s area, see what he does.

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